Want to guarantee your 4-6 year old is ready for top academic performance?

“How to Quickly, Easily, and Cheaply Teach Your Preschooler to Read Before Kindergarten Through My Full Year of Entertaining and Super-Educational INTERACTIVE VIRTUAL CLASSES, Fun Sheets, and Magic Readers!”

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Like I mentioned before, this full-year course of 25 minute videos is a fraction of the cost of in-person preschool. It can be done with your child alone, or as part of a Parent Group. Take turns hosting the Group- your child gets the Independence and Social Part of Preschool, but the accelerated science and reading learning of Miss Anna’s Class! The Moms get the much cheaper school year and the ease of letting a master teacher do the work of teaching which includes all of the Golden Sound Flashcards, Fun sheets, Craft ideas and Magic Readers that make their help a piece of cake! Plus, this program is Education Savings Account (ESA) approved!

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What Are Others Already Saying About Miss Anna’s Class?


What Are Others Already Saying About Miss Anna’s Class?


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Miss Anna’s Class Has Already Helped Countless People Around the World…

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I’d like to teach your preschooler to read and get them started on their journey to Top Academic Performance, ASAP! 
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Bonus #1 - Golden Sounds

The Gateway to Reading

Total Value: $15

One of the keys to Learning to Read in Just Weeks is learning the Alphabet Sounds. Your Membership includes a PDF of Golden Sounds Flashcards. When you Sign Up Now You Get Your Own Physical Golden Sounds! These flashcards have sounds and pictures that coordinate with Golden Sounds Games and our Golden Sounds Song!

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Bonus #2 - Physical MAGIC READERS 1-20

There is a Reason these are called MAGIC READERS! These books are like no other phonics reading books!

Total Value: $60

These books will demonstrably strengthen your child’s reading skills EVERY time they read them! The pre-reading pages at the start of each book create solid readers with their phonemic awareness practice!

Your membership includes all 40 phonics e-books, but studies show that beginning readers benefit from having an actual, paper book to hold while reading.

Get The First 20 physical MAGIC READERS absolutely FREE when you register For Miss Anna’s Class Today!


Exciting science draws the children into also learning how to read. You ask yourself, “How can I further incentivize continued progress in the course?” Celebrate the completion of each habitat by allowing your child to add to a collection of habitat stickers!

Total Value: $15



As you finish each of The FIVE SENSES, SPACE, OCEAN, FOREST, The POLAR Habitat, DESERT, RAINFOREST, and The AFRICAN SAVANNA, give your child a sticker to Celebrate The Habitat they just finished! Keep Going to Collect them ALL!

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Bonus #4 - I GRADUATED T-Shirt

T-shirt to Commemorate Finishing All of the Videos and Fun Sheets!!

Total Value: $35

Finishing an entire school year’s worth of INTERACTIVE VIRTUAL CLASSES and FUN sheets calls for an I GRADUATED T-shirt!

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Bonus #5 - I Am Awesome Certificate

All Year I emphasize EFFORT over SMARTS. This Certificate is given once a child finishes reading the first 20 MAGIC READERS 10x each!

Total Value: $5

“I work hard! I am awesome!” Even better than this certificate is the confidence your child gains as they practice the phonemic awareness skills and the sound-locking in these fun, colorful stories! Reading gets easier and easier as they practice with big sister, mom, dad, grandma, and friend! How do they feel after they finish each book? “I AM AWESOME!” (Priceless!)

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Bonus #6 - Bi-Monthly Live
30-minute Webinars
with Miss Anna

Ongoing Teaching Ideas, Book Readings, and Live Question and Answer Sessions with you, your child, and Miss Anna!

Total Value: $997

Ongoing live contact with Miss Anna two times a month! She will present learning ideas and answer questions.

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Time Is Of The Essence…


Here’s why…

I don’t know how long we’ll be offering all of these bonuses with this course. Previously, these virtual classes were offered with only downloadable PDFs of the Golden Sounds and Fun Sheets. The MAGIC READERS were included as E-Books, only. The T-shirt, certificate and stickers were not offered either, due to the cost of shipping. If this page is still here, then the offer is live. But I reserve the right to pull it down at any time.


Here IS My “You’ve Gotta Be Crazy” Guarantee


I 100% guarantee that we can teach your preschooler to read by the end of this video course, or I’ll return your money and let you keep all the bonuses anyway.

That’s right. You don’t even have to send anything back. Just email me using the email in your membership and I’ll give you back your money with no questions asked.

Sound fair?

Let Me Show You EVERYTHING You Get When You Register for Miss Anna’s Class Today!

  •  Online Preschool with 171 Interactive Virtual Classes (four 25-minute videos each week). A comprehensive, accelerated video course!   ($1,297 Value)

  •  Over 350 Fun Sheets and Coloring PDF’s (multiple Fun Sheets for each class)  ($250 Value)

  •  Golden Sounds PDF  ($10 Value)

  •  40 MAGIC READER E-Books  ($80 Value)

  •  Miss Anna’s Class Access on Kajabi App  ($50 Value)

  •  Habitat Craft Idea Videos  ($25 Value)

  •  Bonus #1 - Physical Golden Sounds Flashcards  ($15 Value)

  •  Bonus #2 - Physical MAGIC READERS #1-20  ($60 Value)

  •  Bonus #3 - Habitat Stickers  ($15 Value)

  •  Bonus #4 - I Graduated T-Shirt  ($35 Value)

  •  Bonus #5 - I Am Awesome Certificate  ($5 Value)

  •  Bonus #6 - Bi-Monthly Live Webinars with Miss Anna  ($997 Value)

Total Value- $2,839

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