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Pivot to Summer summer Jun 02, 2023


School's out! Time to pivot to summer! What can I do to keep my children busy and productive in the summer? It is definitely a break, but it's also nice to have a little structure. One summer, in particular, I opted to have my children in zero camps, zero classes, and very little...

One of My Favorite Phonemic Awareness Tools: My Writing Boards online preschool phonemic awareness phonics Apr 29, 2023


Most aspects of phonemic awareness are learned and tested audibly. For instance, children must LISTEN to a word in order to figure out how many syllables it has. They have to LISTEN to a word to know what the beginning sound is. They have to LISTEN for the middle and ending sounds, as...

A Plug for an Online Preschool Course: Who Might Be an Ideal Candidate? online preschool Mar 24, 2023



When Covid-19 hit and schools closed, my school also closed. I began to work on my goal of videoing an entire year's worth of preschool. 4 videos a week, about 25 minute videos, creating all of the worksheets, coloring pages, craft videos, etc. When the new school year began,...

Learning to Blend is Not Enough- the 8 Essential Phonemic Awareness Skills Your Child Needs to Become a Solid Reader phonemic awareness phonics prereading pages preschool Dec 15, 2022


To Whom It May Concern:

Children cannot just learn the letter sounds, decode letters and be long-term successful in reading and spelling. It seems like that is all it should take. However, studies show (and experience shows) that children must learn the relationship that sounds have to...

Why Do I Teach My Preschoolers the Alphabet Letter Without Teaching Them It's Name? phonics Jul 09, 2022


Every once in a while I get a blank stare when I tell other educators that I teach my preschoolers to identify the letters ONLY by their sound at the beginning.  Some are annoyed. Some strongly disagree. This is WHY I do it: I am teaching 3, 4, and 5 year olds. My goal is to have them...