Let your child experience the smoothest possible reading journey! 

These books each feature pre-reading pages that help your child with their phonemic awareness skills, solidifying their progress and accelerating their reading success! These books have been proven to help EVERY child! They take a child from a brand new reader level to a 2nd grade reading level. Don't miss out on their fast track to academic success and love of reading TODAY! 

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The entire set of 40 phonics readers

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"We LOVE these books! As a parent, I love how easily they are to follow. They tell you exactly how to prompt your child, and it guides you step-by-step through the whole process. Teaching my children to read was once a daunting task, but these books made it so easy. My children have loved the full-color pages and fun story lines. They truly make learning to read fun. Both of my children started kindergarten already knowing how to read because of these books, and it has given them so much confidence and made them leaders in their classrooms. This has made such a difference in their schooling experience!"   Brianna Peters

Your child's ability to read is the #1 indicator of future success and happiness

Do they dread reading? Are they nervous about it? Anxious? These books can replace any feelings of anxiety with confidence as they practice the skills in their pages. These books make learning these skills so easy! They guide the teacher as they go, prompting them what to say and what to ask the child. 


Pre-reading Pages

These allow the children to learn and practice the essential phonemic awareness skills that create solid readers: practicing rhyming, identifying beginning, middle, and ending sounds, alliteration, syllables, putting parts of words together, practicing their alphabet and phonogram sounds, etc.


Practicing Blending

As the children practice their alphabet sounds and practice sliding the sounds together, locking them together to make sounds and words, their CONFIDENCE grows! They feel empowered to read! The books work! They help the regular reader as well as the dyslexic reader. 


Decodable Words

Most all book sets mix in words that are far above a beginner reader's skill level. These books do not. They introduce any new 2-letter sounds or sight words before the story. All other words are consonant-vowel-consonant, making these books easily decodable which empowers the children as readers.


Don't wait! These books are what you need to point your child's trajectory for reading and success straight up!

Miss Anna's books are proven to create strong, solid readers!

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These books range all the way from the very beginning reader, who just knows their alphabet sounds, to the reader who is ready for 2-letter sounds and the silent e rule! You will have 40 fun stories with beautiful, colorful illustrations to practice and enjoy! They are all you need to take a reader from the very start- to solid and strong! 


What Others Are Saying

Caralee Alldredge
Homeschool Mom

"Miss Anna's phonics readers are better than any beginning reading books I have used! I have two children with dyslexia who have struggled with learning to read and 4 other children as well. These books actually help them build their reading skills! They don't just read a story- they strengthen their skills as they go! The two children I have using the readers currently are building confidence in reading; the progress is tangible. The readers are so easy for parents and even older siblings can easily pick one up and go through the exercises with a younger sibling. Thank you Miss Anna!

Holly Ashby

"I have had 2 of my children use Miss Anna's books and I have been so impressed each time. These children have completely different personalities and attitudes towards school, but this program helped both of them learn to blend their sounds and start reading before kindergarten. The books all come with exercises at the beginning to prepare the child for the sounds they will hear in the book, as well as review past concepts. Throughout the books I could see different sounds and patterns clicking for them. I love when I get to see them not only love being able to read books but sounding out words around town as well. I feel confident sending my kids to kindergarten after they have learned to read in pre-k!"

Alison Holm

"I have loved my boys learning through the phonics readers! All of my children that have used them have been able to read going into kindergarten. Some of my friends have worried their children might be bored having already learned to read before kindergarten, but this has not been the case for my kids. There is so much for a child to take in and adjust to in kindergarten, so to give my child a head start with reading has given me peace of mind. They can focus on new social interactions, rules, routines, long hours away from home, and other learning concepts. I have noticed that it has really helped them with their confidence in themselves and their capabilities. The kindergarten teachers love it too!" 

Tammy C.

(Preschool Teacher)

"The Lil' Learning Lab books are so incredible! Because of the way the books are structured they are perfect for new readers. The practice words and blending sounds at the beginning of each book will make any child feel more confident with their skills even before they get to the story, which keeps them interested and helps them retain what they have read. The books are a quick read so they can get through without losing interest. The full colored illustrations are beautifully drawn and keep the reader engaged. I was so excited to find these books for the preschool children that I teach! You will love the progress your child makes with just a few minutes of reading a day."

DeaAnna Carpenter

"Miss Anna's phonics books have been such a great help to my son in preschool and kindergarten! The blending of words really helped him read faster than other kids in his class and helped as he already knew phonograms that were being taught in class. I loved that the books were fun, and short. Just the right length to practice reading and get excited about it!"